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Quality made in Italy

The respect and love for nature, the long experience in textile sector and the handmade cure used in products realization are the essentials elements at the base of our collections.
All the productions steps are made inside the company, under a straight control to grant a large flexibility, in terms of personalization proposals and sizes, for costumers requirements.
From our designers born millions combinations to personalize and renovate your own house.

Fine fabrics

Our collections match the modern linear and refined, the sumptuousness of velvet, the sparkle of Swarovski Crystals and the rich opulence of furs. All these ingredients are skilfully mixed to enhance the taste of “MADE IN ITALY” and the ability of our craft that make every single product unique. Home textile, curtains, table linens, quilts, cushions, pillows, house and bath linen of quality MADE IN ITALY.